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    Throughout a person’s lifetime, certain situations are worth keeping not only in our memories but also on our walls to serve as reminders. Event photography reminds us that no matter what we go through, every event is worth celebrating with our loved ones. Either from simple achievements in school or up to grand events such as gatherings in corporations.

    [Tweet “Event photography is the practice of photographing guests and occurrences at any event or occasion where one may hire a photographer for. ~Wikipedia“]

    I can attest to the countless events that I’ve been through. Whether I’m one of the guests or the one taking the pictures. But there’s a big difference between getting the pictures and actually knowing what event photography is.

    Event photography requires investing your time and effort to ensure the quality of the photos you take. While there are casual or informal events, there are formal occasions that need proper planning and a serious amount of investment. For this reason, it is vital to hire a professional event photographer to get the best results.

    So, to achieve the most premium quality, clear, compelling, and effective images that capture your precious moments, you must read on.

    Essential Elements of Event Photography

    Pay attention because this is how you nail your next event photography project.

    • Consider the key message that you want to convey before you shoot. Keep the composition of photos simple to avoid distractions.
    • You have to give your prospects the vibe or feeling of being at your event. Pull your viewer so that they become active participants and not passive observers.
    • Most events need both candid and posed shots of attendees. You must step out of your comfort zone and get more creative.
    • Capture great moments by finding it and deciding when is the right time to take the shot. The right lighting and editing techniques go a long way.

    To ensure that your event will be a success, your event photographer must have the right equipment. The following items must be part of his set to carry out the best results:

    Camera – different photographers recommend varying brands and models of a camera to use. But Canon is my first choice. GoPros are also amazing, and not to mention, very handy in capturing moments that happen while in action. I recommend you to read my blog post entitled Mirrorless Camera: Revolutionary Canon Generation for more information about the camera.

    Lenses – you’ll never regret investing in lenses that last for decades compared to camera bodies that get outdated every 2 years. Getting the right lens could mean a big difference between having high-quality pictures against taking images in average shots.

    Speedlite – makes photos appear more professional than built-in flashes of your camera. That’s why you must consider getting one for yourself. Rather than looks, this is one of the most important tools after the lenses.

    Editing Software – being on-the-go is not an excuse for not being able to edit or enhance pictures. That’s how vital it is to have your own software to use.

    Backups – because you’ll never know when things will backfire. It’s better if you carry 2 backups for each equipment to keep the ball rolling no matter what.

    How To Hire Event Photographers in the Philippines

    When you have an upcoming event and everything is already in place, you’re ready to get someone to help you relive your moments as if they happened yesterday! But don’t get too excited about getting your event photographer just yet.

    Hold your horses before you get the wrong guy for your event and everything gets ruined. There are quite many things to consider first before achieving success for your event.

    Event photography if done right will give potential attendees an idea of what to expect from your event. Choosing an event photographer means choosing someone to trust with your brand. Working with professional photographers will increase your chances of telling your event’s story in a compelling way.

    You may base your decisions on your event photographer’s rate. However, you can find someone that fits your budget while boosting your brand thru thorough research. Here’s how to get the right event photographer for you.

    Event Photography Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.
    You’d Have to Find The Right One

    Word of mouth does wonders for you. That’s why you have to talk to fellow organizers for recommendations. And you’ll understand what event photography rates are usually followed in the Philippines.

    Relying on Google can help you. Especially if you search for photo credits on other event websites for promising leads. Verify as well if they are professionals and not someone with a camera and lots of free time!

    Professional photographers usually have a project portfolio and online gallery on their own website. Check their past work to verify if they have similar events. This is to ensure their style fits the concept that you want to convey. Most professionals will list their event photography pricing on their site. But you will have to get in touch with most photographers for a quote.

    So, How Much do Photographers Usually Charge?

    You’d have to consider the location, experience, and the difficulty of the event. This is what makes event photography taken at varying rates. Especially, if the event is debut and weddings.

    Remember that the photographer is usually allocating time before and after the event. So, the associated cost should cover those. Furthermore, photographers will often need an assistant. This is like hiring a sous chef for your kitchen.

    While the event photographers are the front runners, assistants are useful as well. They are often the photo editors for clients requiring images to be posted online in real-time.

    Usually, real-time posting happens in big events. And it happens most of the time in corporate gatherings – conferences or conventions.

    For special events such as birthdays or weddings, AVP (Audio-Visual Presentation) photo slideshows wouldn’t be possible without the capable hands of the assistants.

    How To Negotiate a Fair Event Photography Rate

    Most event photography pricing is based on the circumstances of your specific event. To start off pricing on the best foot, give your photographer detailed information. So that they can factor that into their quotation to meet your expectations.

    3 Factors That Increase Your Event Photography Rate:

    Number of pictures / Turnaround Time / Final Output

    It’s nice to know exactly how many images you expect to get from your photographer. How fast the turnaround time is. And the number of edited photos.

    Furthermore, you need to clarify if you’re paying for the USB full of photos or the number of images themselves. You should also be sure to specify whether you’re getting SOOC (Straight Out of the Camera) or RAW (Unedited) images from the event photographer. Or, if you expect them to edit the images before delivery, as that will affect costs as well.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
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