32 Popular Real Estate Photography Checklist





    Do you have an upcoming photoshoot and you don’t know how to prepare the home for real estate photography?

    Here are some of the lists that I created based on my experience and thorough research. It is important to make the first impression count. And I hope that you run through this as you prepare the home that you’re about to shoot.

    Real Estate Photography Checklist

    Kitchen, Dining, Living

    1. Remove inappropriate, non-decorative items that don’t contribute to the home itself.
    2. Remove newspapers, nick-nacks, rags, pet-related items, cleaning tools, etc.
    3. Check all light bulbs for consistent color and make sure they’re all working.
    4. Turn ON all the lights and turn OFF the fans.
    5. Remove everything from the exterior of the refrigerator, such as magnets, photos, etc.
    6. Remove everything from the sinks, including dish racks, scrubbers, towels, and dishes.
    7. Organize any cabinets that are visible, such as glass-front cabinets or open cabinetry.
    8. Clean the stove and remove extraneous items.
    9. For added appeal, set out a bowl of fresh fruit or a cutting board with some avocados in the kitchen.
    10. Add a tasteful centerpiece on the dining room table or set the table with nice dishes and flatware.
    11. Hide all TV remotes, shut off the TV, and close off any TV furniture.
    32 Popular Real Estate Photography Checklist
    📷 by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

    Beds and Baths

    1. Declutter! Remove items from the bedside tables such as glasses, books, c-pap machines, etc.
    2. Remove any exercise equipment like bikes.
    3. Make the beds with military precision.
    4. Make sure nothing is visible under the bed.
    5. Remove any pet-related items such as kennels, doggie steps, or toys.
    6. Takedown any posters or strange decor in children’s/teenagers’ rooms.
    7. In the bathrooms, make all shiny surfaces shine! Especially mirrors.
    8. Hang fresh towels that match the color motif of the room.
    9. Clear ALL toiletries, lotions, potions, soaps, etc. from the countertops and hide them.
    10. Remove shampoo, soap, loofas from bath or shower.
    11. Remove all small floor mats or rugs, and remove colorful toilet covers.
    12. For added appeal, light candles or carefully fold a hand towel on the counter.
    Real Estate Photography Checklist
    📷 by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels


    1. Hide any items that distract, such as garden hoses, yard art, kids toys, trampolines.
    2. Mow and trim the yard several days before your appointment and blow off clippings.
    3. Rake the yard the morning of your appointment and blow off any porches and patios to remove leaves and debris.
    4. Park cars down the street or in the garage so they don’t appear in ANY photographs.
    5. Hide garbage cans in the garage.
    6. Straighten deck/patio furniture and place cushions or other decors that are usually stored inside.
    7. Clean the barbecue grill and remove its cover, but hide the tools and supplies such as propane bottles, lighter fluid, brushes, etc.
    8. Clean the pool of any debris, remove all floats and toys, and remove the automatic pool cleaning device plus any hoses. Hide the long poles such as the leaf nets.
    9. Turn on all exterior water features or poo
    Real Estate Photography Checklist in the Philippines
    📷 by Olga Lioncat from Pexels

    By successfully following the Real Estate Photography Checklist above, it will eventually translate to more sales when you sell your home.

    Don’t hesitate to ask anything if you have any questions regarding your upcoming real estate project. You can get in touch with me using my contact page or you can chat with me on my Facebook page.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
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