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    The Puregold or the Puregold Price Club, Inc. was incorporated on September 8, 1998, the same year they built their first Puregold hypermarket.

    The idea that boosted the success of the company was to establish a hypermarket. A business enterprise containing a wide variety of basic goods that are of substantial value most especially for the masses. It provides customers with the easiest way to purchase what they need without going to other floors. Up until today, this makes them stand out and obtain an edge amongst their competitors.

    The Beginning

    The year 1997 was a time when various currencies in Asia were devaluing. It was hailed as one of the hardest times for Asian economies like the Philippines. But, this did not stop Lucio and Susan Co, the couple owners behind the success of Puregold Inc, to thrive amidst adversities.

    The Puregold Suppliers Appreciation Night 2019 was vibrant and fruitful. The night was filled with overflowing surprises.
    📷 Jason Miraples

    They have seen how the turbulent time affected business. And, how impactful things would get for their employees and customers if they sit back and just let things pass by. The crucial year then pushed the couple to build the Puregold Price Club’s first hypermarket which lies alongside Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong, Manila.

    After the success of their first hypermarket, they were able to expand and multiply the numbers of hypermarkets across the country. They also have instigated a loyalty program that allowed the options for sari-sari store owners and other entrepreneurs to boost their probable net gross or earnings.

    This loyalty program is prominently known today as TNAP or Tindahan Ni Aling Puring. By providing access to online appointments, free delivery, and loading services, financing businesses, and many more, until now, they have continuously prospered and helped other entrepreneurs to invest in a business and grow.

    Due to their continued success over the years, Lucio and Susan Co gained 13th place on the 50 Richest Filipino according to the Forbes list.

    The PUREGOLD Suppliers Appreciation Night 2019

    After the annual Puregold Negosyo Convention 2019 which is held annually to gather TNAP members, business owners, and suppliers, a Puregold Suppliers Appreciation Night was celebrated.

    The PUREGOLD Suppliers Appreciation Night 2019
    📷 Jason Miraples

    The night was filled with overflowing surprises. Booths of partner-companies and suppliers like Purefoods, San Miguel Food Corporation, and Nestle were also there to satisfy more than 600 guests and members with the food cocktails and drinks available.

    An awarding ceremony for the winner-suppliers and participants of the Puregold Negosyo Convention was also made. The categories are Silver Category Awards, Gold Category Awards, Citation Awards, Platinum Category Awards, and Puregold Brand Awards. And allow me to congratulate all the winners. Especially to my current employer, Universal Robina Corporation for being a Champion in Platinum Category.

    And at the same time, there was an Ultimate Tambalan-Tanghalan contest. The Perkskada, Team MJ, The G-Millenials, Team UR Kaasens-U, TEAM CP, and The Kitchen Bossings are the teams that compete during the contest.

    Lucky Manzano and Karylle are the celebrity hosts that make the event more extravagant. And to make the event more lively, Wacky Kiray and Tonton take over the stage during the contest. Likewise, Yam Concepcion and Yen Santos from Halik graced the event with their presence with an intermission number.

    The Puregold Suppliers Appreciation Night 2019 was vibrant and fruitful and, as the official event’s photographer, I can humbly and gratefully attest to that.


    I was the official event photographer delegated by the Xtrimpost Production. Salamat Jacky and Ohma for trusting me!

    Anyway, I made it sure to get to the event’s area by 3:30 PM, 3 and a half hours before the event starts. While waiting for the event to begin, I headed to the foyer to capture some photos of the business owners and entrepreneurs on the Photo Wall.

    Puregold Grocery in the Philippines
    📷 Jason Miraples

    From there, an inquiry came to cross my mind. How did these people become the successful person they are today? Of course, it is not only because of their skills and minds to run a business. But, it is more beyond the art of comprehending the business technicalities itself.

    While taking some photographs, I cannot help but be tantalized by the overflowing food cocktails and drinks that are available in their corresponding booths.


    The stage was designed with vibrant colors and filled with playful lights. Also, there was an in-house creative department from Puregold. They were very overwhelmed to capture photos of the events. This made it hard for me to find an angle since there were times when the central area was occupied. But, it was not impossible with some techniques and strategies I have learned in my years of experience as a photographer.

    While encountering almost the same situation during events, I always bring with me a bag full of batteries, SD Cards, a lot of patience, keenness, confidence, creativity, and resourcefulness. Being friendly should never be crossed out from the list.

    By having the knack for PR, you can always win friends and succeed with whatever task entrusted to you. This will also help you maintain professional relationships. It will make you gain more friends as well as establish networks.


    The success of the event and the Puregold itself would not be possible without the help of their national and international partner-corporations and suppliers. Included are also their members, customers and, most of all, the employees who have been the driving force of their business operations.

    Puregold Appreciation Night
    📷 Jason Miraples

    As the delegated photographer of the event, I was beyond blessed and grateful for being able to witness the event. Dedicated to the people behind one of the country’s most successful business enterprises – the Puregold Price Club – which has now etched a remarkable story in the hearts of the Filipino business owners in the small, medium, and even large-scale enterprises.

    Today, the Puregold Price Club is the second-largest retailer corporation in the country. Having able to put up more than 300 hypermarkets including Puregold Shaw Boulevard, Valenzuela, Mabalacat, San Fernando, Puregold Mabalacat Dau, Lawson convenience stores, Honestbee delivery services, and many more.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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