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    Photography jobs in the Philippines are on the rise in accordance with the rise in the number of photography enthusiasts and hobbyists. With the accessibility of information found on the internet, it is now easier to develop and advance one’s photography skills.

    If you are a photographer, you would probably be encouraged to use these skills to earn. From a photography enthusiast and hobbyist, why not become a professional photographer?

    I have here a list of popular photography jobs you can get here in the Philippines. But, it doesn’t mean that these are the only choices you have.

    Corporate Photography

    Corporate photography (or videography) is used by companies to promote their brand, products, and services. Photographers are hired to document social events and generate visual content for a company’s newsletter, reports, and marketing materials. The primary goal of this type of photography job is for a company’s branding and marketing.

    Here is a list of some things that a corporate photographer may be hired for by a company:

    • E-learning and Training
    • Corporate Headshots
    • Office/Environmental Photos
    • Products and Services Images
    • Conferences and Events
    • Conventions and Trade Shows

    You may also check my previous blog on How To Become A Freelance Corporate Photographer in the Philippines.

    Wedding Photography

    Perhaps one of the most lucrative types of jobs a photographer can get is wedding photography. This type of photography focuses mainly on the events and activities related to a wedding. The services of a wedding photographer usually start with a pre-wedding engagement session.

    Usually, the photographs taken at these engagement sessions are used to save the date announcements and invitations. On the wedding day itself, aside from providing portrait photography, a photographer will document the entire wedding event- from the ceremony to the reception. Oftentimes, a photographer provides an SDE or Same-Day Edit video that includes snapshots and short video clips of the wedding and is shown during the reception.

    Wedding Photography -10 Popular Photography Jobs in the Philippines

    Event Photography

    An event photographer is one that concentrates on capturing photos in any type of event such as weddings, christenings, parties, birthdays, dances, formals, ceremonies, award ceremonies, funerals, and engagements. These days, however, an event photographer is commonly associated with corporate events.

    Here are examples of [corporate] event photography:

    • Corporate Anniversaries
    • Office Open Houses
    • Conferences
    • Trade Shows
    • Retirement Dinners
    • Galas
    • Holiday Parties
    Event Photography - 10 Popular Photography Jobs in the Philippines

    Product Photography Jobs

    Product photography falls under commercial photography whose primary aim is to present a product in the best possible way. When the visual presentation of a product is of high quality, most likely, this will give a positive impact on how the product and brand are perceived.

    Great product photos should lead potential customers to the awareness of the product and to become a purchasing customer.

    Product Photography - 10 Popular Photography Jobs in the Philippines

    Food Photography Jobs

    Creating tempting still-life pictures of food is called food photography- also a specialization of commercial photography. Often these photos are used in menus, advertisements, cookbooks, magazines, and packaging. It is often a collaboration wherein a food photographer teams up with a food stylist, art director, and prop stylist.

    Food photography sessions are usually taken in a studio with controlled lighting conditions or natural lighting.

    Real Estate Photography Jobs

    With the rise of the real estate business, photographers are most likely to find plenty of opportunities as real estate photographers. Real estate and brokerage companies will likely seek photographers that can boost their properties’ salability.

    Here are some numbers that prove how profitable it is to hire a real estate photographer:

    • Homes on a listing with high-quality pictures are more likely to sell 32% faster.
    • Homes with at least 20 photos average 20 days on the market. While homes with only one photo stay 70 days on the market.

    You could lay down these facts when you offer your services to real estate companies and brokerages.

    Aerial Photography Jobs

    As it sounds, aerial photography is the technique of taking pictures from the air. This may include flying on a light aircraft or helicopters and mounting a camera on a hot air balloon, blimps or rockets. Nowadays, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or “drones”) are usually used by aerial photographers to take pictures of the earth’s landscape and its elements.

    Aerial Photography - 10 Popular Photography Jobs in the Philippines

    Portrait Photography Jobs

    Portraiture or portrait photography is not just about the face. It is also about capturing the attitude and identity of the person.

    The photographer’s primary goal is to capture the person’s facial features while the attitude, personality, and identity are revealed. There are four types of approaches in this line of photography. They are candid, constructionist, environmental and creative.

    Portrait Photography - 10 Popular Photography Jobs in the Philippines

    Fashion Photography Jobs

    Fashion photography is another genre of photography that is focused on fashion and other fashion items. Think about fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

    As it is a popular type of photography, it is also a very competitive one.

    There are four styles of fashion photography.

    • Editorial fashion photography
      This is the type of photography style that most fashion magazines feature.
    • High Fashion
      This a way of advertising the products of big fashion labels and brands. It features supermodels and even known actors and actresses.
    • Catalog Photography
      This fashion photography is actually a type of product photography.
    • Street Fashion Photography
      Street fashion, known as urban fashion, is the opposite of high fashion. This style of photography is about capturing what people wear, their style, and how they create an impact using their clothes.

    Lifestyle Photography Jobs

    With lifestyle photography, you take photos of people in realistic situations and real-life milestones created in an artistic way. It is like telling a story about the life of the subjects through photography.

    Though it is said to be artistic, it should look genuine and not staged.

    After going through the photography jobs in the Philippines list, have you decided on what type of photography will you focus on? If you have not figured it out yet, you could start by doing an inventory of your camera equipment and gears, and your skills. You could focus on the type of photography which will only need what you presently have.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
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