The Importance of Photography to Airbnb Listing in the Philippines





    In Metro Manila, Philippines, AirBnB listing has become a trend as it offers more amenities and access to personal needs and comfortability. As a result, there is also a growing demand to increase the quality of photography AirBnB listing. Just as the business of real estate photography does.

    With perfect lighting, right angle and an appealing blend of colors, no one will dare to deny the enveloping charm of photography. Pictures seem to have a way of inviting you to witness what was taken yourself — and this is listed as a significant goal of Airbnb listing in the Philippines.

    What is Airbnb Listing?

    Airbnb listing is an online marketplace for travelers. As time pass by it grew a trademark of a greater authentic experience. Today, Airbnb posting offers more accommodations.

    From the listing of mostly private property owners which are far better than the mainstream and impersonal choice of staying in a hotel. The freedom of the guests in expanding. Their options are given as much as the expected warmth of staying in the chosen place.

    Because of this, Airbnb has multiplied into roughly 35, 000 cities in 200 countries. The compliments showered upon them matched their popularity. Online listings, when browsed by travelers, might bore the eyes with only the lengthy descriptions present.

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    Why Does Quality of Photography Matters in AirBnB Listing?

    The first thing that catches the eyes before the words do is the photo attached to it. Through photographs in your Airbnb listing, it attracts the heart of the viewer. Since it captivates the mind faster than plain text does.

    In Airbnb listings, the potential guests will have less difficulty scrolling and reading. The photos will already tell the quality of a real estate or host can offer. It is not even impossible that they could get inspired by a photo in one click.

    Ways to Promote Your Airbnb Listing

    Photo listings that can make clients experience the feeling of being there. The photography goes beyond the application of filters to photos captured by smartphones. It involves consideration for the composition, angles, lighting, and colors.

    The criterion of each has to be met. Since good photography is the basic tenet in the prosperity of an online business, it should be considered. For instance, in lighting. There are photographers who believe in the general consensus that lights should be turned off. The reason is to give the natural and warm feeling of being at home. This is important for AirBnB listing since it aims to give off the feeling of authenticity. These photographs are not only used as a conversion tool apart from testimonials and reviews. They can also be used for the beautification of the website.

    For instance, listing sites aside from AirBnB and directions such as Tripadvisor and, promotion of business in social media platforms, and creation of email newsletters and brochures. This is how the lenses of the camera could bring a domino effect to the industry of AirBnB listing. A single photograph can be used anywhere. As if sending the good news of the online marketplace accommodation. Because of this, photographers serve as a significant part of AirBnB’s success.

    Meanwhile, real estate owners and photographers want to win bookings by posting photos to their heart’s content, photos should be chosen wisely through AirBnB listing. Each of them should tell a story that will entice the potential guests to be confident in their bookings. They have to capture the reasons for choosing that place. Perhaps, its qualities that nothing could compare of. The goal of this is to bring guests to the experience of being there through visuals.


    More choices and options
    Airbnb listing will give you access to different sites. There are sites that offer different kinds of properties and home types. Whether it’s a hotel type room, a condo-style room, an apartment, houseboats, or whether you’re looking for a castle. The Airbnb website can offer you these properties on their list.

    Free Listings
    Being listed on the Airbnb website doesn’t require a fee. It already includes listings of photographs and captions. It may also include a written description as well as a user profile where potential clients. This profile can be visited by clients for them to gain additional information.

    Hosts Can Set Their Own Price
    The host will decide how much the fee will be whether per night, week or month.

    Customizable Searches
    Web clients can search through the Airbnb website’s database. Through listings of price, date and location, amenities, type of property, and even language of the host. Adding keywords is also preferable to narrow down search results.

    Additional Services
    As the industry of Airbnb listing grows, so is the offers it includes. Today, it offers lists of restaurants and experiences aside from the available accommodations on dates you are planning to explore and travel. Clients who search for a specific location can access a list of sightseeing or class experiences. There are also additional offers provided by the hosts of Airbnb. It also includes reviews given by Airbnb hosts.

    Protections for Guests and Hosts
    Airbnb will hold the payment of the clients 24 hours after checking-in. The fees will be released to the host to ensure the safety of the website clients. In the international context, some Airbnb provides up to $1,000,000 to cover the property in case of damage caused by guests known as the Host Guarantee program.


    You may not get what you expected
    Hosts in Airbnb are the ones to advertise their property. That is why there is a lesser assurance that how good it looks in photos is also how it is in the actual visit. It would be a help if clients would check the comments of previous guests to ensure a great experience and to get a more objective view.

    Potential Damage
    The biggest and most frightening risk for every host is that the property might end up damaged by guests. Especially when the guests make the property their venue for a party. Trashes and broken furniture are the common complaints of hosts who thought that they rented the property to quiet guests. The Host Guarantee program of Airbnb listing will cover and provide insurance. But, it might not cover every damage such as pets, pieces of jewelry, cash, or unique artworks.

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    Having excellent Airbnb photographers has become an important factor in the world of business especially in Airbnb Listing. In fact, most clients who are looking for quality real estate property will first be attracted to what they see in photos than its description other than the price.

    Having a good quality of photographs that will highlight the beauty of your property is a measure every host of the Airbnb website listing should take. Just make sure that your photos in the Airbnb listing will be as close as to how the actual property looks to leave a good legacy to clients. Make sure your listing in Airbnb is grand.

    Through photos in your Airbnb listing, you can establish a good impression from guests even before they see the actual property, for sure.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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