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    Finding a photo shoot location is a challenging logistical problem for every Filipino Photographer.

    For events-related such as wedding photography, most clients rely on their events organizer or to their professional photographers.

    Most especially, it’s not an easy task for an amateur photographer and freelance photographer to find the best photography locations for free.

    Based on my experience, when the client is asking for a quotation, they’re also asking for a suggestion about the location of the shoot. Which is very hard for a beginner.

    PRO TIP: Aside from the theme of the shoot, always ask the budget when it comes to the location of the shoot.

    With more than 7, 107 picturesque islands and islets in the Philippines, there are inexplicably thousands of places to choose from, especially when talking about pre-debut or cheap prenup locations in Manila.

    And some would say finding a location is as easy as pie. After all, there are tons of go-to locations in and around the metro.

    And yes, it’s easy to go for the usual. But, worry no more, because I will give you a list of my best picks located in Manila and nearby – from resorts and hotels to parks and world heritage.

    Listed below are the top picks of the best Pre-debut Photo Shoot Locations in Metro Manila and exquisitely magical Prenup Locations in the Philippines. Take a look!

    Champagne Room, Manila Hotel

    Best For a Victorian/Fairytale-Inspired Pre-debut/Prenup Theme
    Create elegant photos in one of the top pre-debut/pre-nuptial photo shoot locations in Metro Manila. In the Champagne Room at the Manila Hotel, experience the sophisticated vibe amplified by Victorian-themed decors and chandeliers.

    A place ornamented with irresistible upholstery, Champagne Room at the Manila Hotel will definitely fit your classical/fairy-tale dream pre-debut/pre-nuptial photographs. Be your kind of Princess or Prince at Champagne Room, Manila Hotel!

    La Mesa Eco Park

    Nature is a great way to set the mood and for that, I recommend La Mesa Eco Park. And there’s have so much room to work with apart from the picnic area. They also offer activities such as boating and zip lines, which you can incorporate in your theme.

    Entrance Fee:

    • Php 40.00 – QC Residents
    • Php 50.00 – Regular Guests
    Amazing Photo Shoot Location in Manila
    Courtesy of Jet Velas via Flickr

    Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City

    Best for a Contemporary-Inspired Theme
    At the heart of Bonifacio Global City, it resides the Shangri-La Hotel – a place to feel the kiss of luxury and contemporary vibe of the City. From its vast event halls and spaces, this might be one of the best places for planners and photographers to extract more creativity. Explore different angles and poses at their Grand Ballroom and lavish yourself with its world-class space.

    Whether thinking for a party-themed, minimalistic-themed, and any trendy contemporary ideas for prenup/pre-debut photo shoot, Shangri-La offers the vibrancy and luxury you might be looking for.

    Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

    I have to tell you, this location is popular with all photographers in the north. If you want to maximize the place, you should go there and book your pre-nuptial shoot during weekdays. You can shoot the whole day and enjoy the park while waiting for the sunset.

    Entrance Fee:

    • Php 30.00 – Adults/Regular
    • Php 15.00 – Student/Children

    Parking Fee:

    • Bus – Php 25.00
    • Cars – Php 15.00
    • Tricycle/Motorcycle – Php 8.00

    Operating Hours:

    • 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Tuesday to Sunday
    Amazing Photo Shoot Location in Manila
    Courtesy of The Housekeeper via Flickr

    National Museum of the Philippines

    Best for a Historical-Inspired Theme
    Wanting a place for a historical-inspired pre-debut/prenup idea? Give the National Museum of the Philippines a try!

    Being one of the most visited places for local and international historians, it is also an excellent pre-debut/prenup photo shoot location in Metro Manila. Add some glam and class as you pick the National Museum of the Philippines for your pre-debut or prenup photo shoot. Situated in Padre Burgos Ave., Ermita, this is just a short ride from downtown.

    Quezon City Circle

    As of this posting, Quezon City Circle is under renovation. But if your client loves sports activities, better go there as early as you can. If you can bring an assistant to hold the flash for you the better. Because the guards are paranoid even for Strobist setup.

    The entrance fee for each attraction is free. And there is no entrance fee for people who will not bring their own vehicles.


    • Circle of Joy – Children’s Playground
    • QMC Bicycle Rental
    • Circle of Fun – Amusement park within the park
    • Pedal N’ Paddle – Amusement space featuring bicycle and pedal-powered-boat rentals
    • Quezon City Memorial Circle Zipline.
    Courtesy of

    Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac Bataan

    Best for a Spanish/Classic-Inspired Theme
    Reminisce the Spanish colonial times as Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar gives you a glimpse of the 18th-century colonial Philippines. With its real stone structures and houses that are refurbished and rebuilt through time, you can engage yourself with the old architectural homes of the past while doing photo shoots.

    If you are planning for a Spanish/Classic-Inspired pre-debut/prenup photo shoot, Las Casas is the best place to be.

    Eastwood City

    A Hollywood inspired theme location for your next photo shoot project. Aside from luxury condominium towers, you can also shoot around Eastwood Mall, Cyber & Fashion Mall, and Eastwood Citywalk 1 & 2.

    Eastwood is also known as the Philippines’ first cyberpark.

    Courtesy of JR Rodriguez via Flickr

    Manila Yacht Club, Manila Bay

    Best for a Nautical-Inspired Theme
    Have you imagined yourself on a Yacht witnessing the sought after Manila Bay sunset? If yes, experience a glimmering pre-debut/prenup photo shoot in Manila Yacht Club – Southeast Asia’s oldest sailing hub situated in the Manila Bay, one of the nearest locations from the heart of the City.

    With the luxury of a yacht and a clear view of the ocean, you can give yourself a perfect nautical-inspired pre-debut/prenup photographs. Without the need to go to faraway resorts or book an out-of-the-town trip, you can already have your photo shoot sessions here.


    A beautiful residential project of Ayala Land, Inc. It’s located between 11th Avenue and McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City. Combine European-inspired with Filipino architecture pattern. Elegant theme for a photo shoot location.

    ‘BGC is Photo Friendly’ signage anger netizens four years ago. Because Tripods and DSLRs are not allowed. You can download the guidelines here for photo and video shoots in BGC.

    Video and Photo Shoot Rates:

    • AVP/Internal Use – Php 10,000
    • Commercial/External Use – Php 30,000
    • Pre-Nuptial/Debut Pictorials or Video Shoots (12% VAT Inc.) – Php 2,000

    You can call the Fort Bonifacio Development (FBDC) Corporation office at 818-3601 loc. 3109 for more information. They’re open from Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

    Courtesy of Ayala Land – One Serendra

    Wawa Dam, Montalban, Rizal

    Best for Adventure/Bohemian/Nature-Inspired Theme
    Need a touch of the wonders of nature near Metro Manila? If you are planning a nature-inspired pre-debut or prenup shoot, Wawa Dam might be an excellent photo shoot location for you.

    Located near the Marikina River and surrounded by colossal boulders and mountains, it will be a majestic place for you to rekindle the spirit of adventure and nature. The Wawa Dam or also dubbed as Montalban Dam is one of the oldest dams in Manila. When the Angat Dam was built, it was left abandoned.

    But, as the year passed by, the locals have relived and rebuilt it. Today, it is one of the top destinations of local and foreign tourists and travelers.

    University of the Philippines (Quezon City)

    UP is the premier academic institution and likewise a relaxed photo shoot location. The campus is very accessible and family-friendly. There’s a lot of interesting setups that will spice up your photo gallery.

    Shooting here is free as long as you’re not using the building premises. And Bonsai Garden is the most popular location among photographers.

    Courtesy of

    Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo, Rizal

    Best for Art-Deco/Green-Inspired Theme
    Implement the most creative ideas you have at the Pinto Art Museum, as it gives you more than 300 paintings and various artworks that will captivate your eyes and amp your backdrop. With its artsy vibe, ornamented with green landscape and surrounded with beautiful gardens, you can have the best art-deco/green-inspired pre-debut/prenup shot.

    You may also try other pre-debut/prenup theme ideas as Pinto Art is a flexible location to feed your modern-day ideas. And, since it is only situated in Antipolo, Rizal, it is just one ride away!

    Intramuros (Manila)

    Romantic and yet rustic location for history buffs. Hispanic settings and there’s a lot of places to choose from. You need a permit and make sure to include your preferred locations around the area.


    • Casa Manila
    • Plaza Moriones
    • Fort Santiago
    • Baluarte de Dialo, de San Andres, and de San Diego
    • Jardin de Padre Blanco
    • Puerto Real Gardens

    Venue Fee:

    • Php 2,000

    Shooting Time:

    • 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Monday to Saturday
    Courtesy of Gia Mirabueno via Pinterest

    Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

    Best for Street Photography-Inspired Theme
    Make the most out of Taguig’s busiest road, Bonifacio High Street. Located near tall buildings and business centers, Bonifacio High Street is one of the best photo shoot places in Manila and probably the best prenup location in the Philippines for those who want a street photography-inspired theme. Although this may require you to obtain several permits before conducting the photo shoot sessions, everything will be worth it.

    Paco Park (Manila)

    A beautiful recreational garden not too far away from Intramuros. It was once Manila’s municipal cemetery of the Spanish colonial elite. It was declared National Park in 1966 and marked as the most beautiful park in the Philippines. And there’s a lot of picturesque spots that you can enjoy here in a walled place that has a domed shaped chapel.

    Event and photo shoot inquiries can be done in San Vicente De Paul Parish. Or you can send a letter addressed to Executive Director of the National Parks Development Committee, indicating intent and shoot details.

    There is no shooting fee if you’re shooting for non-commercial use for a minimum of 2 hours based on this post. But you need to pay the shooting fee if more than the allowed free time.


    • Php 2,000 – 4 Hours

    Entrance Fee:

    • Php 10.00

    Operating Hours:

    • 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Courtesy of Travee via

    Little Santorini, Anilao, Batangas

    Best for Romantic-Inspired Theme
    Do you want to go to Greece but on a hectic schedule and a strict budget? Need not worry, because this underrated Little Santorini in Anilao, Batangas will give you a trip to Greece in just three hours!

    The Little Santorini of Anilao Batangas is one of the best photo shoot places in the Philippines as it will give you gigantic structures with an extraordinary architectural framework. So, even if you are just in Anilao, you will feel like you’ve been to Greece.

    Fernwood Gardens (Quezon City)

    Fernwood Gardens in Sanville Subdivision is one of the acclaimed best garden wedding and event venues in the Philippines. Enjoy the vines and trees that you can incorporate in your theme.


    • Php 10,000
    Courtesy of

    Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Manila

    Best for Tropical/Green-Inspired Theme
    Reconnect with nature and witness the sought after Manila Bay sunset and sunrise at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. With its location near the heart of the City, you will not have to go far anymore to capture some perfect pre-debut/prenup shots. In the area are green landscapes, large ballrooms, and halls touched with a Filipino-French heritage.

    Villamor Air Base

    This is located in Pasay City and an 8-minute walk from Resorts World Manila. It is now the main headquarters of the Philippine Air Force. You can unleash your cosmopolitan side using your aviator sunglasses.

    But the shoot is subject for approval and price is available upon request. You can reach Col. Miguel Ernesto G. Okol, PAF (GSC) thru FAX. Don’t forget to state the details of your shoot.

    Courtesy of Waynet Motion via

    Art in Island, Cubao, Quezon

    Best for Fancy-Inspired Theme
    Wanted to have some pre-debut/prenup photo shoot in a 3-dimensional art museum? Art in Island is an excellent place to extract some creative juices. Whether you want a fancy pre-debut or a vibrant prenup shot, Art in Island Museum is an excellent place to capture photos of your family and friends.

    Heirloom Manila

    Even after hearing the name of this location, you’re expected to be amazed not only by the various pieces of art but also appreciate the surroundings and artifacts that are featured in the site. It’s as if you’re transported back in time as you take your pose to capture the moment. Perfect for both hobbyists and artists, surely, a single shot is worth a thousand smiles.

    A house setting museum and a remarkable haven for artists. Art gallery inspired by an enjoyable garden that is suitable for your vintage theme.

    Rental Fee:

    • Php 5,000
    Courtesy by Chelle Serrano – Makeup Artist / Photography by Icebox Imaging

    Ball Pit Manila, Makati City

    Best for Fancy-Inspired Theme
    Not so far from the City is a playground surrounded by white balls and colorful fields. If you want to relive the kid in you, Ball Pit Manila is the best place to create a vibrant and fancy pre-debut/prenup photos.

    The Dessert Museum

    This sweet location is now open and located at S Maison below Conrad Hotel Manila, Hilton’s Worldwide Luxury Property. A truly mouthwatering dessert theme rooms and the most Instagram worthy museum.

    If you’re going to choose this location, make sure that you trust your photographer. Because you only have 15 minutes max per room to enjoy all 8 rooms for 2 hours. Search for a peg, print it out and bring them on the day of the shoot.

    Photo Shoot Fee:

    • Php 12,999 – Weekdays
    • Php 14,999 – Weekends

    For extension, an additional Php 10,000 good 10 pax for another 2 hours inside the museum. Note that all package rates are VAT ex and subject to change without prior notice.

    You can email for bookings.

    Courtesy of Justine Chantelle

    Binondo, Manila

    Best for a Fancy-Inspired Theme
    Wander around and take some pre-debut/prenup photo shoots in one of the world’s earliest China Town that is still standing until today. With the liveliness it has, you cannot help but be overwhelmed by the fantastic backdrop it can offer to your photos.

    Manila Central Post Office

    National Museum declared Manila Central Post Office as an Important Cultural Property (ICP). PHLPost celebrates its 251st founding Anniversary and National Stamp Collecting Month (NSCM) last November 2018.

    This is one of the greatest American colonial structures in the country. A Greco-Roman building and architectural jewel of the Philippines which is located along the banks of Pasig River.

    The photo shoot in Manila Post Office is free. Just make sure not to disrupt the day-to-day operation.

    Amazing Photo Shoot Location in Manila
    Photography by Quirky Creatives

    Manila Baywalk

    Best for a Romantic-Inspired Theme
    Of course, who would forget Manila Baywalk on the list of their pre-debut and prenup locations? With its location near to the heart of the City, you can enjoy a close view of the timeless beauty of Manila Bay sunset.

    Café 1771

    Inspired by Chef Vicky Pacheco from Europe. This beautiful cafe is located in the Ortigas business district. Here, you can enjoy your favorites and delectable desserts. Thanks to Chef Vicky’s team by providing photo shoot location that is perfect to celebrate love.

    Photo Shoot Fee:

    • Php 10,000 inclusive for 3 to 6 persons
    • Access to shoot from 3 PM to 6 PM at Café 1771, Winebar and Sidebar
    • Special Set Meal for 3 to 6 persons (three menus to choose from)
    • 1 bottle of wine

    You can call 631-7339 and 09178660442 for more information.

    Amazing Photo Shoot Location in Manila
    Courtesy of Photo: Left-J Lucas Reyes / Right: Cholo Dela Vega

    San Agustin Church, Intramuros

    Best for a Romantic/Art-Deco/Classic-Inspired Theme
    The San Agustin Church in Intramuros is one of the prominent prenup locations in Metro Manila. With its solemnity and peaceful setting, plus, the beautifully carved doors of the church, in world heritage, you can create meaningful pre-debut/prenup photos.

    In Closing

    Whether you are the photographer, the event organizer, or even the celebrant yourself, choosing a perfect location seems hard. With the vast options of pre-debut photo shoot locations in the Philippines and cheap prenup locations in Manila, you will have to think twice and even thrice.

    But, this shouldn’t be stressing you too much. Piece of advice: Better think about the theme of your photo shoot first. In that way, it will be easier for you to look for a place that will give you the right backdrop for your theme.

    Now that you have the right photo shoot location in Manila, it’s best to research and plan ahead of time. Always remember to give your best as you provide photography services to your client. Please let me know in the comment section if you know some location ideas around the metro. And we hope our suggested places helped you in deciding. Enjoy and Best Wishes!

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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