Celebrating LazMall Super Brand Day by Estée Lauder





    She is among the women who have dominated the world and sprinkled glam and extravagance. With her hard work and passion to bring the best of the best to the world of beauty and cosmetics, including Estée Lauder Perfume, Estée Lauder Foundation, Double Wear, and Advanced Night Repair Skin Products. She has succeeded and gained what she had worked for.

    Who is Estée Lauder?

    Estée Lauder has a huge interest in beauty and cosmetics. She flourished her talents and passion in concocting face creams and applying it on women’s faces with the help of her uncle who once lived with her family and made velvety creams for the skin.

    Esty married Joseph Lauter in 1930 and have decided to reside in Manhattan. After a couple of years, Estée started investing in a business. Specifically in beauty and skincare products. It was in 1946 when she and her husband launched their first-ever company which then gained many impressions to the people. The same year the couple have obtained their first major order which is worth more than $800. Through the years the legacy of Esty continues. It left a huge impact in the world of beauty and fashion but above all, in the hearts of various women across the globe.

    Celebrating the New Partnership of Estée Lauder PH and Lazada Mall PH

    LazMall Super Brand Day by Estée Lauder
    📷 Jason Miraples

    This year, Estée Lauder PH takes another milestone as it penetrates the online means of Perfume and cosmetics review, distributing and marketing beauty and cosmetics with Lazada Ph and showcasing their other collaborations with Maybelline and Chanel Fashion Company. It was a day dedicated to the partnership and was set to revolutionize deeper the way ladies can take care of their skin and enhance their facial beauty better and safer.

    The Event

    My experience as one of the event’s official photographer was one of a kind. I felt so amazed by the overwhelming numbers of social media personalities and guests who graced the event – it set more vibrancy and glamor through the course of the celebration.

    But, before witnessing and capturing the memories Estée Lauder and Lazada PH would soon reminisce in pictures, I have to say that my preparations were quite different from the other events. Well, of course, it was a little easier now because I’ve had a series of pre-preparation and initial assessments of the said event. Nonetheless, I knew I had to prepare for endurance to last the event as well as the confidence and professionalism to make things as prepared.

    Celebrating the New Partnership of Estée Lauder PH and Lazada Mall PH
    📷 Jason Miraples

    Two hours before the event, I was already in Manila House, BGC, the venue where the toast for the celebration will take part. After a couple of hours, the guests were already filling up the empty spaces. I was so astonished while seeing various big personalities from the sales and brand ambassadors of Estée Lauder and Lazada PH. Social media influencers were also present and overflowing food and drinks were widely available.

    The event was livened up with music. It wasn’t as formal as a corporate partnership would sound but sure, it brought a modern vibe of elegance and creativeness. Of course, the partnership celebration would’ve been incomplete without the free make-up trials from the prominent Make-up artist in the Philippines and showcasing of beauty products.

    Realizing the Importance of a Knack in Skills as an Event Photographer

    In a nutshell, the event was a blast and all I can say is that I was indeed grateful to be chosen again to document and witness social events as such.

    I can’t help but think that having a knack for professional skills as a photographer, especially in social events like this is very important that it should not just be easily neglected by saying “photographers only take photos.”

    For an event photographer like me, it takes years and ample social exposure to get the title, professional photographer. Thus saying that we are not just paid workers but paid professionals who will do our best to achieve excellence in every photo we capture.

    Realizing the Importance of a Knack in Skills as an Event Photographer
    📷 Jason Miraples

    Having a professional photographer may seem to sound less important for some. But, it does not and it should not be. There are many things that a company or organization wants to share with their target customers. And, without professional photographers, it wouldn’t be possible.

    Professional photographers tell a lot of different stories and, every picture captured is worth more than a diamond for them. They significantly improve and show the quality of the services of a business by providing excellent and premium-quality photographs. If others would just see the importance, they too would understand the intricacies of professional photography services and also value what it has to offer to the world.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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