How To Become A Freelance Corporate Photographer in the Philippines





    One if it is to be prepared with the challenges in building your portfolio and establish your personal brand as a Filipino photographer. Another is to be prepared for the challenges to face in finding your first client. And, so on.

    But need not worry, with this guide, I will share with you some of the things that helped me when I was starting out in the industry, how to establish your own brand, and tips you can use in the long run. Below is a helpful list.

    Beginner Tips To Become A Freelance Corporate Photographer

    Personal Branding

    Being a freelance corporate photographer is a wild ride. The industry itself includes a vast number of experienced and competitive photographers. Thus, personal branding is vital as you begin your journey as an amateur freelance corporate photographer.

    What is personal branding by the way? Personal branding is a marketing strategy utilized to make the audience aware of the products and services you can offer. Through brand awareness, existing and potential clients can determine the uniqueness of a company and its service to the other.

    In establishing my personal branding, I make sure to organize my portfolio and always put my best foot forward in presenting them. My projects always put a great emphasis on the joyful attitude and resilience of Filipinos. Also, I highlight the value of family and relationships. It differentiates me from others and helps me stand an edge amongst competitors.

    Establishing Connections

    For beginners, establishing networks can be hard at first. But, making it happen is far from impossible. To establish networks as a freelance corporate photographer, all you have to do is to make use of your website intentionally. Put some information about yourself. Build a unique portfolio. Sell yourself and the service you can offer through your works. Also, put the contact details where clients can easily reach and talk to you.

    To establish more connections, also make use of social media. Build a Facebook page, a Twitter account, Instagram, or a LinkedIn profile. These online platforms are the most accessible today. For customers, it is also one of the easiest platforms to locate and reach out to freelance corporate photographers. Hence, it is an excellent advantage if you have all of these, too.

    Last but not least, put yourself on the client’s shoe; If you were a client will you choose you?

    Becoming a corporate or freelance corporate photographer is not just about having the best skill and the best equipment.

    Patience and Perseverance

    It is also about having the proper attitude. As you begin your journey, patience and perseverance is an important key to succeed in the industry.

    A patient freelance corporate photographer is someone who knows to enjoy the process. He is willing to wait for the right moment to grasp opportunities. A patient freelance corporate photographer does not know the word impossible. He perseveres to become a master in his field. Turning declined proposals to learnings and new beginnings.


    Your portfolio is your personal brand. It will highlight your edge and quality as a freelance corporate photographer. Hence, you should make every posted project count.

    Studies say that it only takes 20 seconds to captivate a client’s attention. In building your portfolio, including the best of best. Make the presentation of your portfolio brief and interactive. Try some unique strategies your client can’t resist scrolling and browsing your website.

    What Does It Take To Be A Freelance and Corporate Photographer in the Philippines

    What makes a Filipino corporate and a freelance corporate photographer different among other specialties and fields in photography is his skills in headshots, business portraits, and creative techniques in lightings. It is also the foundation of Why Photography Services In The Philippines is Worth an Investment.

    If you are a corporate photographer, you will have to find creative and innovative ways in maximizing what you have. As mentioned above, the usual spot of photoshoots is done indoors. For instance, offices and conference rooms. These places make it more challenging for the job. It is because these places offer a minimal environment. A corporate photographer also faces lighting challenges that may affect the quality of the photographs.

    Corporate photographers are usually tasked to produced business portraits. This means conducting photoshoots with a limited crop. To address this common problem among beginner corporate photographers, headshots must be captured creatively.

    The primary goal in headshots is to highlight the subject of the portrait. With the proper set-up, lightings and a few rehearsals, you can make the subject look comfortable and natural on the camera.

    Tips and Tricks Before and During Photoshoots

    Lighting Options

    In terms of lighting, I suggest you have at least two studio lights. Pair it with a softbox to produce a diffusible light. If you have no available studio light, you can maximize the flash from an off-camera.

    Camera Settings

    The basic settings to adjust when using your camera are the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. It is the fundamentals that comprise the exposure triangle. In adjusting the ISO, set it to 100 or double it as it is the best way to produce considerably excellent quality photographs.


    Nothing beats a prepared photographer. As for corporate photography, expect to be usually exposed indoors and prepare for the things to be expected when you get to the place and start the photoshoot.

    Prepare the right gear and equipment. But first, conduct a few assessments and study about your subject and the place so that you’ll know to deal with it wisely and creatively. Make sure your gears and equipment are in the right conditions so that you will have fewer problems in terms of technical matters.

    Be patient. Love the ups and downs of what the pre and post photoshoots demand. Be wise. Wise in a way to find the best options and techniques to use to provide the best quality of portraits to your clients. Prepare things and prepare yourself, physically and emotionally.

    Make sure you are physically and emotionally ready. Sleep well is vital to increase productivity. Eat good food and drink plenty of water to avoid unwanted sickness during the desired date for the photo shoot.

    Lastly, trust your capability. If you are doing your first photoshoot, be confident and do not let fear stop you. Leave a good impression and build your own identity as a photographer. Be a freelance corporate photographer that is worth investing in.

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    📷 Ali Pazani from Pexels


    Starting out as a freelance corporate photographer may be difficult at first. Expect to start from scratch with the thousands of hurdles that may hinder you from getting your first client.

    However, as you build some confidence and establish connections through time, freelance corporate photography offers many opportunities for you. Be patient and be wise; your first or next photoshoot may be the next big thing in your journey. Trust the process and work your way to establish your own identity as a corporate photographer.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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