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    Long before the Americans actually set foot on Philippine shores in 1898, an earlier Filipino presence in the continental United States has been documented on October 18, 1587, on the Nuestra Senora de Esperanza galleon ship. Bet you did not know that. We just know that Filipinos and Americans go way back.

    The Beginning of the Filipino-American Heritage

    Truth be told, the first Filipino settlement was in Louisiana in 1763 which initiated significant contributions of Filipino-Americans towards the progression of the United States in many fields. These Filipinos, also known as “Manilamen,” were actually sailors and navigators on board Spanish galleons who escaped the cruelty of their Spanish masters and built homes along the New Orleans coast. They were the first wave of Filipinos who migrated to the United States. Since then, the relationship between the Filipinos and Americans became bonded than ever.

    It is because of this that the Senate of the 111th US Congress officially recognized October as Filipino American History Month in 2009, through a signed resolution calling on its citizens to nationally celebrate the heritage and culture of Filipino-Americans and their huge contributions to the country. And it has been one of the most celebrated occasions of Filipino-Americans in the United States, probably next to Halloween.

    The United States of America acknowledges that Filipino-Americans have played considerable roles in the growth and development of their country. A list of notable Filipino-Americans is given due credit for their part in many areas such as education, sports, literature, creative arts, entertainment, business, politics, music and so much more.

    Miss World 2013 is Filipino-American

    Filipino-American Heritage - Famous Graphic Designers
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    Recently, another Filipino-American joins this roster giving a renewed sense of pride to their countrymen, both in the Philippines and in America—Megan Young who just won Miss World 2013. What a timely win to celebrate Filipino American History Month!

    Megan Young was born in Virginia to an American father and a Filipino mother, making her a Filipino-American of descent. Then she moved to the Philippines when she was ten. Megan tried her luck in showbiz by joining a talent reality search, StarStruck. Although she did not win that search, it became her ticket into commencing her showbiz career. She has appeared in several TV programs and made a few films. She also had to host stints, and at one point became one of Channel [V] Philippines video jocks.

    Her break in showbiz may have been elusive in the past years, but 2013 proved to be the year for this Filipino-American beauty. Megan Young finally found her niche when she joined and bagged the crown as Miss World Philippines 2013. Soon after winning, she trains and prepares for the Miss World 2013 pageant held in Bali, Indonesia. Her regal physique and elegant beauty, not to mention her intelligence and compassion, have won the hearts of the Miss World 2013 judges and the whole world. Megan Young was truly cut out to be a beauty queen. Her winning answer sealed in her victory as the new Miss World 2013.

    Megan Young’s success just proves how Filipino-Americans thrive in whatever field they are placed into. Their natural talent, intelligence, and ingenuity break forth and shine through showing what they are made of and what they can achieve.

    List of Filipino-American Famous Graphic Designer

    Such are the Filipino-American graphic designers. These Fil-Am designers have also created a name for themselves in the field of graphic design with their originality and a fresh perspective when it comes to artwork designs. In recognition of Filipino American History Month, let me introduce some of them and their notable creations:

    Dino Ignacio

    Have you seen the very funny flash animation of Rex Navarrete’s “Maritess vs. The Superfriends”? I remember the laughs I got out from that one. Dino was the one who designed and animated it. He was also known for his Bert is Evil website and his user interface design for Dead End 1, 2, and 3.

    Ernie Chan

    Ernie Chan began his career in DC comics in 1972 and then he worked exclusively for Marvel in 1978. His designs concentrated mainly on genres of horror, war and swords, and sorcery. His famous works were Batman, Conan the Barbarian, Detective Comics, Kull the Conqueror, and Savage Sword of Conan.

    Whilce Portacio

    Whilce Portacio was born in Cavite City, Philippines but grew up in the US. He first started as an inker in 1984 for the Alien Legion Series but later own co-founded Image Comics with six other high-profile artists. Some of his recognized creations were Punisher, Uncanny X-Men, Iron Man, and Spawn.

    Don Figueroa

    Don Figueroa is not only a well-known Fil-Am comic book artist but he is also a toy designer. He worked on Dreamwave’s first Transformers: The War Within miniseries. Eventually, through his design career, he was named the penciler for the Generation 1 comic. Some other notable designs of Don were Beast Wars: The Gathering and The Transformers: Stormbringer.

    If you must ask, aside from these established Filipino-American graphic designers, there are also other known graphic designers who have quite a strong influence on the history of design itself.

    Recognizing Filipino talent internationally

    While it may be the month for Filipino-Americans, we must not miss the point that they still remain to be Filipinos. And Filipinos are globally competitive with their skills and talents regardless of field or industry. It is but natural for a Filipino to flourish in whatever career he chooses, in spite of the challenges because that is how we are born, raised, and built.

    This strong Filipino spirit is what keeps any Filipino successful in any part of the world. And that is why to be it Filipino-American, British-Filipino, Filipino-Chinese, or whatever other descent Filipinos intermingle with, expect the Filipinos to rise above the task given to them and deliver it with excellence.

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