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    Filipinos are inherently happy people and they find lots of reasons to celebrate. They hold parties for various occasions like fiestas, birthdays, baptismal, and weddings. They also celebrate work promotions, holidays, sunny days, and a lot more.

    Planning and organizing an event depends on the number of expected guests and budget.

    One must think of the venue, the food, the hosts, and a lot more. That is why some prefer to hire an event organizer to handle the planning details of the occasion.

    For big events like weddings, there are a lot of preparations. Prenuptial shoots are first on the list of the many parts of a wedding celebration. One major challenge for the photographer is to find the right location for the shoot.

    Weddings are not the only occasions that need pre-event shoots. Children’s parties, debuts, and baptismal also do pre-event shoots. All these occasions need appropriate and affordable shoot locations.

    Understanding Your Budget vs Party Packages

    There is a variety of photoshoot locations all over the metro. Some are free; others need entrance fees and other charges. Thorough location research before the photo shoot is ideal for those on a budget.

    There are many event venues to choose from. The one major factor that affects the event planner’s decision in choosing a venue is the budget. The success of the event will start with a clear view of the budget.

    The next challenge for the event organizer is the other party details. This includes the food, the host, the furniture, the photographer, the sound system, and more. The organizer may contract with outside parties to provide all the party needs.

    Many fast-food restaurants all over the country offer unique fast food party packages. These party packages help ease the stress of event planning. They can provide the venue, the photographer, the food, the sound system, and the host.

    Weddings, baptisms, and debuts happen once in a person’s lifetime. Choosing the right party package is a challenge. The package that fits the budget and the interest of the celebrator should be the main criteria.

    Fast Food Party Packages

    There are many party packages available all over the country. They vary in features, promos, and prices. The following are some of the fast-food party packages in the Philippines:


    What started as a small ice cream parlor is now a fast-food giant. In its humble beginnings, it had sold snacks for children. Later on, it grew into a fast food restaurant serving food for breakfast to midnight snacks for all ages.

    Jollibee offers various themes, food, and other features for parties. Jollibee offers kids’ party packages and other party packages for any occasion.

    The themes for Jollibee party packages are Jollitown and JolliRace. Hello, Kitty Fun Carnival and Jollibee Fairytale Land are popular for girls’ parties.

    Jollibee has a promo where they can provide party favors for the guests. Celebrants pay a fee of 1,500 pesos to 2,000 pesos.

    The 1500-peso party favor package includes:
    • 30 name tags
    • 30 balloons
    • 15 assorted game prizes
    • 15 party hats
    • 15 invitation cards
    • 15 tray liners
    • 5 boxes of crayons
    • 1 message board
    • Jollibee mascot appearance
    The 2000-peso party favor package includes:
    • All the party favors for the 1,500-peso fee
    • 10 loot bags

    Jollibee offers cakes ranging from 900 to 1,000 pesos. A mascot can also appear at a party for 30 minutes at an extra fee of 1,000. The birthday celebrant will also receive a gift from Jollibee.

    Food packages are also offered and there are tons of combinations to choose from. Food packages cost at least 5,000 pesos.

    10 Ultimate Fast Food Party Packages in the Philippines


    McDonald’s is a global fast-food chain. It is also famous for hosting parties for children and other occasions.

    People who want to avail of Mcdo party packages should make a reservation on a specific branch. The reservation fee is 2,000 pesos but it may be subject to discounts.

    The party themes available for 2019 are Ronald and the Gang and Happy. It also offers Barbie, Hot Wheels, and Thomas and Friends party themes.

    The party package of McDonald’s include:

    • Basic party decoration
    • Party tray mats
    • Party hats
    • Party game prizes
    • Party favors and giveaways
    • Surprise gift for the birthday celebrator

    A separate payment for meal packages:

    • Food Mix 1 (155 pesos per guest): Cheeseburger, McSpaghetti, and Regular Drink
    • Food Mix 2 (180 pesos per guest): 1pc Chicken McDo, McSpaghetti, and Regular Drink
    • Food Mix 3 (180 pesos per guest): 1pc Chicken McDo with Rice and Fries and Regular Drink and a Happy Meal Toy
    • Food Mix 4 (195 pesos per guest): McSpaghetti, Burger McDo, and Fries and Regular Drink and a Happy Meal Toy


    Shakey’s is a fast-food restaurant chain business. It specializes in pizzas and offers other food dishes. It also offers kiddie party packages for various occasions.

    The party package of Shakey’s depends on the availability of space and other factors in every branch. The branch will also be responsible for arranging the program flow for the party.

    There are three themes to choose from:

    • Justice League Theme
    • Captain Shakey’s Theme
    • WOW Squad Theme

    Shakey’s offers plated food packages worth 12,500 pesos which is good for 30 guests. It also can accommodate 50 guests with a buffet package and a free mascot appearance for 17,000.

    Both party packages come with a 32” pizza which is available in four flavors:

    • Manager’s Choice
    • Hawaiian
    • Pepperoni
    • Shakey’s Special

    At a minimum payment of 4,000 pesos, celebrants can avail of a variety of add-ons to the party. Party boosters can be a performance from a magician or a balloon twister.


    Max’s restaurant chains can offer party packages for various occasions. It can host meetings, kids’ parties, baptismal, weddings, and other parties.

    The restaurant offers various packages and amenities depending on the type of occasion.

    The following are the different food packages offered by Max’s for baptismal parties:

    • Menu Package 1: For a fee of 21,900, this package can accommodate 30 guests. A full table is good for 10 persons. The use of an extra table requires the celebrant to pay an extra 5,300 pesos.
    • Menu Package 2: For a fee of 25,800, this package can accommodate 30 guests. A full table is good for 10 persons. The use of an extra table requires the celebrant to pay an extra 6,900 pesos.
    • Menu Package 3: For a fee of 27,900, this package can accommodate 30 guests. A full table is good for 10 persons. The use of an extra table requires the celebrant to pay an extra 7,600 pesos.
    • Menu Package 4: For a fee of 32,400, this package can accommodate 30 guests. A full table is good for 10 persons. The use of an extra table requires the celebrant to pay an extra 8,800 pesos.
    • Menu Package 5: For a fee of 35,700, this package can accommodate 30 guests. A full table is good for 10 persons. The use of an extra table requires the celebrant to pay an extra 10,000 pesos.

    Food packages for wedding parties are different from baptismal parties. A detailed description of the different party packages is available on their website.


    KFC is an American fast-food chain restaurant business. It is famous for its fried chicken. It operates in many countries.

    In the Philippines, it offers kids and adult parties and food packages.

    The two themes for kids’ party packages are:

    • NBA
    • Chuckie

    The following are the two party packages to choose from:

    KFC Regular Party: The fee for a KFC Regular party is 4,300. The fee does not include the food for the party.

    This fee includes:

    • 30 pieces Of Balloons
    • 30 pieces Of Party Hats
    • 30 pieces Of Party Trays
    • 30 pieces Of Party Invitations
    • 30 pieces Of Loot Bags
    • Themed Game Prizes
    • Party Decorations
    • Sound system
    • Host

    The celebrant may opt to add to the package a 9-inch Chuckie cake worth 750 pesos. The celebrant may also pay 450 pesos to hire the Chuckie mascot.

    KFC Smart Party Complete Package: The fee for KFC Smart Party Complete Package is 5,300. The fee does not include the food for the party.

    This fee includes:

    • Goodie Bag Set
    • Themed Game Prizes
    • Amenities
    • Birthday Cake
    • Party Decorations
    • Mascot
    • Sound System
    • Hosting

    The food package for kids’ parties ranges from 146 pesos per guest to 150 pesos per guest. The minimum quantity is 30 orders.

    The food packages for adult parties range from 152 pesos to 190 pesos. The minimum number of orders should be 30.

    Fast Food Party Packages in the Philippines
    Photo from KFC via

    Don Henrico’s

    Don Henrico’s is an Italian restaurant based in the Philippines. It offers food packages for buffets and parties.

    It offers themed amenities for various parties. Their party packages vary in price. It depends on the number of sets the celebrant will avail.

    The following is the list of the prices of the themed amenities:

    • Php 5,250 for 30 sets
    • Php 6,600 for 40 sets
    • Php 7,750 for 50 sets
    The party packages will include the following:
    • Motif loot bags
    • Name tags
    • Party hats
    • Balloons
    • Birthday cake
    • Parlor game prizes
    • Piñata
    • Balloon table centerpiece
    • Invitation cards
    • Thank you cards
    • Birthday gift
    • Birthday streamer
    • Party host
    • Sound system
    • Skirted tables
    The optional amenities for the party packages are:
    • Balloon arrangements
    • Floral arrangements
    • Mascot appearance
    • Bubble show
    • Face painting
    • Magicians
    • Character host or clown
    • Kiddie salon
    • Food carts such as ice cream and cotton candy

    Food packages are separate from the party packages. There is a variety of food packages to choose from. Their website provides the prices per food package.

    Kenny Rogers

    Roasters Kenny Rogers Roasters is an American restaurant. It is famous for its roasted chicken. It has many branches in the Philippines and abroad.

    This fast-food restaurant offers fast food party packages as well. The price of these party packages starts at 9,400 pesos. The party packages are inclusive of 1pc OMG chicken, spaghetti, and chocolate mousse. It includes a drink of blue lemonade.

    The themes for party packages are:

    • Sports Party
    • Wonderland Adventure
    • Space Voyager
    • MVP
    • Dynamic Pups

    Each party package includes:

    • Name badges
    • Invitations
    • Balloons
    • Birthday Banner
    • Game prizes such as game boards, activity books, drawing books, foldable fans, and pencil cases
    • Giveaways such as lunch boxes, sticker sheets, and memo pads

    The optional add-ons for the party packages are:

    • Clown Puppet show
    • Piñata Pabitin Chocolate fountain
    • Photo/video coverage
    • Balloon Twisting Face painting
    • Food carts Butterfly release

    Pizza Hut

    In 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut was born. It offers Italian-American specialties on its menu. It is the world’s largest pizza chain based on branch locations.

    There are many Pizza Hut fast-food chains in the Philippines. Most of its branches offer party packages.

    The party fee is 2,500 pesos. There are two themes to choose from. The two themes are the Racing Car Theme and the Fairy Land Theme.

    The party package includes:

    • 30 Invitation Cards
    • 30 Placemats
    • 30 Party Hats
    • 30 Party Balloons
    • 30 Name Tags
    • 30 Thank You Cards Guest Folder
    • 30 Loot Bags Birthday cake
    • Mascot appearance
    • Pasty host Birthday gift
    • Game prizes

    The lowest food package per guest is 149 pesos. It includes a slice of a family Hawaiian pan pizza and spaghetti with meat sauce. The drink served is a glass of Pepsi. There should be a minimum of 30 food package orders per party package.


    In 1985, Chowking first served Chinese-Filipino-style dishes to Filipinos. This fast-food chain restaurant operates in many places in the Philippines and abroad.

    It offers party packages for an intimate gathering for 10 or more individuals. The use of the amenities requires a payment of a minimum fee. The fee depends on how much a branch charges.

    Some branches of Chowking offer larger spaces for parties. It had released its Chowlebration Party package. The more spacious branches offer buffet table sets. It can accommodate a large group of individuals.

    The buffet-style table set is ideal for various occasions. There are also many food packages to choose from. The food packages are at the same rate offered for counter-orders.

    For parties, Chowking only offers food packages and asks a fee for the use of its amenities. It doesn’t have party packages for sound systems, decorations, and hosts.


    Founded in 1974, Greenwich served pizza and pasta dishes to the Philippine population. It is 100% owned by Jollibee Foods Corporation. It has branches all over the country and abroad.

    This fast-food chain restaurant offers various food packages for groups of people. They offer in their menu pasta, pizza, fries, and other Italian-Filipino dishes. Different combinations of their dishes are available for group orders.

    Barkada food packages and party food packages are available in Greenwich. The price for their food packages is the same for those who will celebrate in one of its branches.

    Some Greenwich branches have spacious floor areas. They offer reservation services for parties and other events. They offer their food packages and a certain fee for the use of their amenities.

    They do not have party packages with hosts, decorations, and sound systems. Visit a branch for other information on the food packages and venue reservations.


    Fast-food chains in the Philippines offer party packages for various occasions. Most of these chains offer packages for a children’s party.

    Fast-food party packages are being availed by busy event planners and celebrants. There are many fast-food restaurant party packages to choose from. They vary in themes, features, food, and prices. Parties held in the reserved areas of a fast-food restaurant are part of the fee paid by the celebrant. Some branches need a reservation fee.

    Party packages also provide for the sound systems, party hosts, and party decorations. Some include the cake in the party package. Some fast-food chain asks a separate fee for the cake.

    Fast-food restaurants also offer add-ons for an extra fee. These can be for clowns, balloon twisting, and other activities. An extra fee is also charged for hiring mascots.

    Photography services are not included in the party packages. Sentimental celebrants who want professionally taken photos hire a professional photographer.

    Most fast-food party package fees exclude the food for the party. Celebrants choose from a variety of food packages. The price of some food packages is lower than its regular price.

    There are minimum numbers of orders needed to avail of a food package promo. Celebrants will pay a regular price for orders made below 30 in these restaurants.

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