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    Finding cheap event photography rates in the Philippines is always one of the primary issues among clients. However, it shall not always work that way. Since event photography requires expectedly high charges, the consideration should fall whether the event photography rates are worth it and whether you’re choosing the right events photographer.

    Why are Photographers so Expensive?

    One of the most frustrating lines that keep reverberating in my ears whenever I go to places for shoots is the inquiry, “Why do photographers charge high?” which is often followed by a degrading comment. “They ONLY do some shots, edits, then done!”

    In my defining years as a photographer, part of my journey is to hear lines as such. And, whether I revert back or not, belittlement is always part of everyone’s life. The good thing is that I never consider it as a major set back. In fact, it has always been my motivation to become better in my chosen profession.

    But, why do photographers like me, really charge high? Well, there are several reasons why. And, indeed, it always boils down to these three reasons: Our professional experience as a photographer, our equipment, and most importantly, the services included in our packages.

    When choosing a photographer, the experienced one always stands an edge amongst others. Once a photographer is experienced, he is knowledgeable of the ins and outs of production. Also, he can provide the best shots and package options where clients can widely select.

    The types of equipment are also one of the reasons why photographers charge high. Our high-end cameras, tripods, and lights are the bread and butter of our job. This gives us the reason not to purchase them cheaply.

    Lastly, our photography packages which include dozen of services we can offer to our clients, which will be conversed further in the succeeding paragraphs.

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    Ideal Event Photography Rates in the Philippines

    The standard rates of event photography services in the Philippines are expectedly high. This is basically because of the packages included in it. When hiring for an event photographer, make the fees you’ll be paying count by knowing the photography packages first. Here are some of the lists of the inclusions to look for and why you’re compensating it expensively.

    Professional and Sophisticated Photography Equipment

    For event or corporate photographers, like me, it is always crucial to invest in premium gears. High-end equipment is expensive, and with that, it is also the reason why the quality it produces is charged expensively. This alone ensures that premium quality photos are delivered.

    Dedicated and Experienced Professional Photographer

    With our dedication and experience in the field, we make sure we are the first one to arrive and last to leave the event’s area. Also to make sure that we offer the best professional photography services our clients deserve.

    Accountable and Reliable Production and Technical Assistant

    Of course, an event’s photography is also about the production staff. With that, we also make sure everyone in the team is accountable and reliable. From the pre-production to the post-production, we make sure that everything will be done accordingly with the expected time frame.

    Unlimited shots with Premium Quality Straight Out of Camera (SOOC) photos

    Our packages include a full photo and video coverage that allows for the event to be snapped, shot and put together accordingly. With this, we can record everything to provide a chance for the client to feel the entire experience of the event.

    We can also provide SOOC photos and same day editing in which the client and the involved participants can view some of the images on the same day of the event.


    The rates of event photography services also consider to include transportation, food, maintenance, and contingency costs. This is ideally included since the photographer, and the production staff has to spend the budget needed to operate before, during, and after the production.

    Selection Process and Post Production

    The selection and post-production process is also a challenging part. During this stage, we have to sort out hundreds of photos and choose the best. We usually spent a couple of days or even weeks, contingent upon when the clients need it done or ASAP.

    Event Photography Yondu with Xtrimpost Productions
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    After this, we start with the processing and editing of files. Frame or album photography services are also extras we can offer. Included in the post-production is also the delivery of files. As long as the clients specify, we can deliver the photos personally and online.


    When capturing moments especially grand corporate events, there is an expected expensive event photography rate. However, this should not worry clients since discounts can always be negotiable.

    Nevertheless, since these events only happen occasionally or once in a lifetime, it is also a big challenge for the photographer, physically, technically, and financially. And so, by paying us the rate we deserve, we can always give the desired return and trust that clients have invested in us.

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    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
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