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    Eneloop Battery is one of the best AA Battery! And you’ll know what forever means with Eneloop battery.

    When you want lasting power combined with the convenience and a tremendous saving capacity, it’s better to invest in batteries that you can count on. Just a little bit of history, AA battery is also called a double A or Mignon and a standard size single cell cylindrical dry battery. It’s a French word for “dainty”.

    These are my Eneloop batteries and they’re helping me for more than 5 years now. And still very reliable as ever. If you’re asking about their capacity, I mind you, they are the best in many different ways. Because if you’re going to look closely, you can see the evidence.

    Made with high quality and efficiency, an Eneloop battery can last up to 2,100 times. Created by Sanyo that’s now owned by Panasonic, the Eneloop battery has already touched and changed a lot of lives over the years.

    Long-Lasting battery life is very important to every event photographer like me. A fully charged set of battery for me will last from 4 up to 6 hours of event coverage.

    By choosing rechargeable batteries over the regular alkaline ones, you’re not only helping save the environment from excessive wastes but also making the world a safer place to live.

    In addition to the impact that Eneloop batteries offer the world, you’re also helping yourself by having more savings in your pocket.

    The Truth About Long-Lasting Power of Eneloop Battery

    What better way to solve your need for long-lasting efficiency in using your battery-operated devices than to go with Eneloop that has double the life cycle of any other brand in the market.

    Especially when the devices you use are for work or ways to earn your living, you’d only want the best to power them up. And knowing that rechargeable batteries such as Eneloop have a huge capacity for sustainability, you’ll feel at ease in every use.

    If it’s portability that you need, only choose what is trusted. Even with the battery’s design, there’s a message embedded in it. It reflects the company’s mission to let everyone become more responsible for the environment.

    Blue symbolizes the earth, water, and the ocean. While the color white represents the brilliance of life. This only shows that aside from the convenience they offer, there is a greater purpose that they want the world to realize.

    Best Rechargeable AA Batteries

    Here are the 8 best AA batteries based on the list of EZVid.

    1. AmazonBasics High-Capacity Rechargeables
    2. EBL 2800mAh Ni-MH
    3. Rayovac High Energy
    4. Energizer Ultimate Lithium
    5. Duracell Quantum Alkaline
    6. AmazonBasics Performance Alkaline
    7. Panasonic Eneloop
    8. Energizer Recharge Universal

    But speaking of Eneloop Battery, here’s the lineup that I can suggest if you are looking for the best rechargeable batteries:

    • Eneloop Pro – Best energy capacity (2500 mAh)
    • 4th Generation Panasonic Eneloops – Maximum recharge capacity (800 mAh)

    So if you want to live an easier and more comfortable life while changing the world, go ahead and choose the best batteries you can find. Now that you know the advantages that you can get from Eneloop battery, it’s up to you to take the next step. Grab the best working rechargeable AA battery today to power up your devices to last a lifetime!

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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