Coronavirus Wedding Cancellation: Is It Over For My Dream Wedding?





    Planning for your wedding day is stressful in itself regardless of where the awaited date falls on the calendar. So, I understand how extremely difficult and twice as challenging it is to have it scheduled in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis.

    You probably feel lost right now, wondering what you should do and where to start. But worry not; I hear you and I’m here to help you prepare and plan your big day amid all the rising coronavirus wedding cancellation.

    To help you make sense of it all, I’m here to explain the gravity of its effects, and what you can do about it.

    Will Coronavirus Affect My Wedding Day?

    While coronavirus will definitely affect your wedding day one way or another, this doesn’t mean that your whole dream would be shattered.

    Every couple probably imagines all the details falling into place on their perfect day. And, right now, the coronavirus may sound like a real deal-breaker that totally ends your dream wedding.

    The daily COVID-19 updates everywhere aren’t even helping. Add it up with the uncertainty of the situation, it seems like panicking is the only thing left to do.

    Coronavirus Wedding Cancellation: Is It Over For My Dream Wedding?

    But before you make any decisions, I urge you to take a step back and look at things with clearer eyes.

    Remember that while love can conquer all, everyone’s health should still be the top priority. This means you have to keep in mind that whatever you’re planning for your wedding, there are definitely both major and minor adjustments that’ll be in play to ensure safety.

    Should I Cancel Or Postpone My Wedding?

    The good news is there’s a way for your wedding to push through. However, you have to keep in mind that there’s still nationwide enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines until the end of April. The government also urges everyone to consider canceling or postponing weddings within that timeframe to prevent further passing of the virus.

    So, if you’re willing to wait out a bit longer, perhaps you should consider canceling and taking a break from all this stress.

    When it comes to postponing your wedding, it’s important to know not just the facts from the news every day but also to look around local vendors and venues for updates. Rest assured, though, that the government is here with you in terms of getting refunds as this is a force majeure event.

    Since this situation is fluid and the virus is still unpredictable, you can have a workaround for now but also consider talking about your plan B should the risk worsen.

    What To Do If I’m Going To Postpone?

    Given the situation we are in right now, it’s best to postpone if you want to have your dream wedding. It may be heartbreaking if you’re planning for many months or even years for this dream wedding to be perfect. However, your goal is to celebrate your dream wedding with all your loved ones present and safe. Here are the things you should consider in making decisions.

    1. Consult Your Team

    You should ask for advice from your team. Your team should include anyone involved in the planning and preparation of your wedding. Ask your team for solutions and recommendations and be transparent with your concerns. choose a date that feels good for everyone involved.

    2. Recognize Your Priorities

    Postponing your wedding may incur additional costs. You need to establish your financial capacity to avoid financial strain in the future. You should aim for the least amount of changes and financial impact.

    3. Consider Your Guests

    Don’t forget to consider your guests’ booking and travel plans in your decisions. You should inform your guests immediately of your decision to postpone and the new date of your wedding. Give yourself a deadline to inform your guests about any changes you have decided. If you have international guests inform them at least 5 months before the new wedding date for them to adjust their travel plans. Always be liable for your guests’ health, time, and finances.

    4. Stay Informed

    Keep yourself abreast of the latest news and updates about the situation. Follow WHO and DOH advisories on coronavirus 2019. Don’t make drastic changes without proper information from reliable sources.

    Coronavirus Wedding Cancellation My Dream Wedding
    Couples kiss each other while wearing masks. Courtesy of City Health Office in Bacolod via

    What To Do If I Decide To Move Forward With My Original Date?

    If you’ve decided that the ceremony is more important than the preparations itself, then you can go ahead with your original date. Here are things you might want to consider to make your wedding a memorable one despite the restrictions.

    1. Follow Government Guidelines

    Check the IATF-EID guidelines and your local ordinances if you will not violate anything if you’ve decided to push through with your wedding plans. Keep yourself updated on new developments since they are issuing guidelines from time to time.

    2. Smaller Guest Count

    Since the declaration of coronavirus as a pandemic by the WHO, mass gatherings are prohibited. So you can expect to have your wedding attended by less than 10 people including you, your partner, the officiating official, and at least 2 witnesses. It’s to ensure that social distancing is practiced.

    3. Design with What’s Available

    Forget about your favorite flowers that you want to use during your dream wedding. Remember that you have limited options right now, so it’s better to source goods locally. Design with what’s available in your area and leave that dream design when you plan to renew your vows in the future.

    4. Consider A Livestream

    Thanks to technology, live streaming today is easy. You can ask one of your witnesses to do a live stream on social media using a mobile phone. In this way, family members and guests that are not present can still celebrate with you in the comforts of their homes safe from the virus. You can also have your loved ones attend your wedding remotely via Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger.

    Coronavirus Wedding Conclusion

    Whatever your decision is, keep in mind to communicate and take this day by day together as a couple. Pushing through the wedding and putting yourself in extreme stress wouldn’t be worth it if that means risking both your relationship and your well-being.

    Whether you choose to push through, postpone, or cancel, always remember that marriage is a celebration of love. So let it radiate the happiness of two families all coming together as they’re joined as one.

    As long as you have each other, no virus can break the bond your soul has created with or without a wedding. Be patient and know that your dream day will come and it’ll be amazing.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
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