Concepcion-Valencia Family Portraits





    Here’s another family portrait from my Portrait Photography services taken during typhoon Fabian.

    Atty. Concepcion-Valencia is generous enough to hire me for a home photography session with a FREE on-site COVID-19 Antigen Swab Test.

    Concepcion-Valencia Family Portraits
    📷 Jason Miraples

    To add more elements to the background, I positioned one of the lights behind the stairs divider. And since I’m using Sony A7RII, I trigger my Godox AD200Pro using XProS TTL Wireless Flash Trigger.

    Behind-the-Scenes Family Portrait
    Here’s the behind-the-scenes and the light setup that I used for your reference. 📷 Jason Miraples

    The whole session took us 2 and a half hours including my ingress and egress. Enough for me to go home for another set of strong rain.

    To God be the glory for the wisdom and blessings.

    Jason Miraples
    Jason Miraples
    I am a professional Filipino Freelance Photographer based in Manila, Philippines. A confident photographer — a self-motivated artist with a strong background in both print and digital media. Read More


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