10 Useful Things To Do To Become A Graphic Designer





    It’s hard to be a graphic designer but it’s not impossible. Read on if you’re having a hard time looking for the right answer on how to be a real graphic designer.


    If you’re going to ask me what I want to do if given a chance to return 20 years from now, going back to school would be my choice. Formal education is one of the first steps that you need to consider if you want to be a graphic designer. If time is not an issue, all you need is to choose the best graphic design course and schools in the Philippines.

    Attending vocational courses help enhance and teach you the fundamentals and theories. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet other students and work with them in the future. Besides, networking is one of the best marketing strategies and a key to success. Also, after you graduate, a degree can boost your potential to get a high-paying graphic design job.

    Do Online Courses and Tutorials

    This is one of the basics. A graphic designer should be resourceful. You can learn a lot from online tutorials that are available for free. All you need to do is complete the assigned task that is part of the course and it can help you learn the basics.

    The Best Free Online Graphic Designer Courses

    10 Useful Things To Do To Become A Graphic Designer


    Books are likewise an important reference in learning how to be creative. It is advisable to search for the best graphic design book in the bookstore. The library is also a good place to search before purchasing them to avoid impulsive buying.

    The Best Bookstores in Manila

    Make sure to read the books that you need that correlate in graphic design. Color wheels, art history, fonts, typefaces, and many more.

    Did you know that it’s much better to find a peg in the books than online? Rather than explaining it, let me show you the sample below.

    Do you want to be a graphic designer?
    Courtesy by Design Thinking Coach at RockCleo, DT Consultant

    Practice Makes Perfect

    This is 100% true and I can attest to this. Since you have no job yet, you can give yourself a task to practice your skills. Consider Andrew Kim as your reference. His project was to create a rebranding idea for Microsoft before launching Windows 8 in 3 days. You can read the full story here.

    10 Useful Things To Do If You Want To Be A Graphic Designer
    The Next Microsoft

    Start Blogging

    Keep track of everything you learn, and talk about it with others. A blog is one of the best ways to document what you learn in your journey. And since you have no job yet, you can monetize your blog while doing so. It can also serve as your online portfolio to your potential clients in the future.

    Freelance Work

    A freelance graphic designer is in demand nowadays. Freelance jobs online are a great opportunity for your career. I need to warn you though, sometimes the pay was not that good. But it’s a good avenue to build your portfolio.

    Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Online


    Make sure to keep all your best projects. Because you can put them in your portfolio to showcase your skills as explained in number 4. Furthermore, you can go back again to your previous artwork and observe how much you’ve grown.

    Look for Inspirations

    Don’t stop learning. Go back to basic if possible. Observe those loitering posters and flyers within your area. Judge other works by thinking about what works and what doesn’t. Follow the design trend.

    Learn The Business

    Learning the basics of business is critical especially when it comes to pricing. It doesn’t matter if you want to have your own business or currently doing a freelance job.

    Be Positive

    I do believe what Confucius said about choosing a job that you love. Because being positive can help you create excellent artwork.

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