Philippine Tourism Deteriorated Photography

Philippine Tourism Deteriorated Photography
‘NO FILIPINOS ALLOWED.’ Photographers raise their cameras in front of Dr. Jose Rizal Monument in Manila Friday to protest a “no-photo shooting” policy in front of the monument. NINO JESUS ORBETA/INQUIRER

Philippine tourism deteriorated photography. Why? I know that there’s no perfect person or system on this world. I’m not sure if the problem is with our government or in the system.

In 2011, photographers assemble “Bawal Mag-Shoot Dito” to call the attention of photography industry. And yet, the story was not receiving proper attention from the government.

Philippine Tourism Deteriorated Photography

Kenneth Montegrande’s said that the smallest fee for commercial photography permit in Rizal Park is P1,000. That’s for four hours of shooting and the fees will go to the National Treasury, he said.

Read the complete story here about Photographers snap at Rizal Park execs for ‘no-shoot’ rule. Written by Jeannette I. Andrade and Jerome Aning for Philippine Daily Inquirer.

It means that Roger Biglain’s earned a lot by taking souvenir photos for 46 years in Rizal Park. How much did he take home, less P1,000 fee for the permit from his total earnings? Based on a story from by Bernard Testa. I hope you get my point.

Street photographer Roger Biglain has been earning a living taking souvenir photos at Rizal Park for the past 46 years. Photo by Bernard Testa,

Here’s the recent event – The reception takes place in one of the popular restaurants in Intramuros. I’m preparing for my creative shot in front of the restaurant. The guard approaches me. He said that the management prohibits everyone to shoot in the said hallway. Imagine, the hallway is in front of the restaurant?

What pester me a lot is there’s a lot of foreigners roaming around the area while holding their digital camera. And they even get into the foyer of the restaurant to shoot.

Photographers Are Tax Payer

As one of the photographers from the Philippines, I would like to appeal this to the concern agencies. If it may for personal or commercial use, they should allow us to take photos in those landmarks. These photographers are all Filipino and taxpayers and it should be enough as a proof.

How are we going to promote the Philippines if we’re all going to shoot are all about traffic and poverty?